Some times ones computers crush or even others accidents happen and water may be spilled over it leading to it being destroyed . This is where the software recovery tools comes in handy . in order for your data to be retrieved , the recovery softwares are used in such situations . From Wikipedia, disk format is the process that involves preparing a hard disk or other storage for use including setting up of an empty file system. Few people know that it is possible to restore formatted files through unformat. In theory, data on a disk is never fully destroyed during a high level format. This therefore means quick format does not hurt the original files in partition. After reading this article you will be free from format lost from now on.
Bplan Data Recovery is at number 18 due to its hardness to navigate and at number 17 is the orion recovery file software , unlike the other this one can retrieve information and dat from even memory cards. 16 is the PC inspector unlike the rest this one scans for the deleted files deeply. 15 is the TOKIWA data recovery , it is easy to install and use , it scans for files recovers them then sorts them. 14 is the MiniTool Power data recovery it is the type of application software that in order to work in your computer it requires to be installed, this software has the ability to only recover 1 GB of data.
At number 13 is the UndeleteMyFiles pro, this software give you the liberty on how you recovered file can be arranged. 12 is the CD Recovery Toolbox , it is a unique software designed to recover files from damaged and corrupt opticals drive eg. The DVD’S. 11 is the ADRC data recovery tools , this one has the ability to restore files from non-DvD storage. 10 is FreeUndelete , this software is able to retrieve data from memory cards and hard disks.
At 9 is Restoration this one doesnt need to be installed in order to work.

Pandora recovery comes at number 5 its is one of the most reliable . this is because this software has the the ability to recover deleted file and data. Its also previews specific deleted data such as images.has also the ability to scan some datas and incripted files . PhotoRec is also another recovery software it is quite praised for its powerful ablity to recover files widely datas ranging from cameras to hard disks , photorec’srecovery tools include its comptability ability with many platforms for example windows.
The undeleted 360 is another data it has quick logarithim which in effect makes it fast and efficient for its uses. It works with a variety of devices which include the camera and smartphones. It does a very good job in terms of data discovery and deleted files. However its scanning speed is quite slow thus needs to be improved. Test Disk is another recovery software system. It is well know for its outstanding feature of being able to allow its user to rebuild theboot sector.
It builds and partitions on deleted and recovered data , and also is available in the microsoft windows and Mac system of opreations. Recuva is the best when it comes to recovery software. The overwrite system in recuva is secure and of military standards in deletion. The recuva has been known to possess the ability to restore data from computers that have been damaged.